Happy Hallowe'en!

I am now working for a charity I've volunteered with in the past. Their bookkeeper is leaving and I am taking over. I know very little about bookkeeping, but they're training me, and I'm not having too much of a problem learning the new techniques.

I just finished writing some absolutely awesome bulk email software for the aforementioned charity which is now all nice and happy on Jacob's server and standing by for the newsletter that will be going out tomorrow. The last straw with Mailman was when I tested subscribing and it wouldn't confirm subscriptions, at all. o.O So I made a much-needed decision to "roll my own". It currently handles everything such as archiving, subscription confirmations, unsubscriptions, and making sure that not more than one email is sent every 12 hours - everything EXCEPT sending the actual email, which it pipes to Mailman. So far, this hasn't been a problem, though I want to discontinue use of Mailman by the end of the year anyway as the more I use it, the more I dislike it. But, heck, the more I use anything I haven't written myself, the more I dislike it!

I've also set up a much needed global authorization system for the administrative functions of the website so I can easily add usernames and passwords, and allow/disallow specific users the use of specific resources. It also has a master password that I can use anywhere so that I don't have to remember everybody's password.

Next on the to-do list is automatic scheduled database backups and a pure CSS layout.

As I read over this I sit back and think about how much work I do and how much time it would take if I didn't have a computer to help me do it. What the hell would I do if I didn't know how to write software? I certainly wouldn't be able to do my job - either that or the sheer amount of work would send me over the edge.

The following three steps are turning into my business plan:
1) Wait until someone asks me do do some work.
2) Throw some software at them.
3) Go hang out at the beach and relax.
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What a great day!

Today was absolutely awesome.

I woke up early and started doing a bit of website work. Then I went to the farmer's market which is just a few blocks away and picked up some incredible apples, tomatoes, and carrots. Yay for BC produce!! When I got back, I got some more work done and then made some absolutely incredible marinated kale. The sauce I made disguised the taste so much I was actually able to eat two bunches. That was some good sauce.

Got a call this afternoon about some possible contract work coming up and am having a meeting on Sunday. I just finished practicing some piano (OH-MY-GOD I got a piano and I am in LOVE! If it were legal to marry it, I would!) and am now about to watch an episode of CSI.

I'm happy to say that life hasn't for me ever been any better than this!
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Such a long time since I've posted. Such a lot has happened.

I can't describe it all at the moment except that my job is absolute pure hell. I quit, I'm web-only, and it's no better. The arrogance and ignorance of my superiors is a deadly combination, for them. And they don't want to learn. They won't let me teach them. They won't even let me finish a sentence most of the time. (Not joking here.) I can make the computer do pretty much anything they want. But they want it done their way, the way they instinctively think it should be done. I tell them the computer isn't designed to work that way. Now they want to hire someone to rewrite the software. Well, if they want to pay someone a few thousand dollars to make the computer do something it can already do.........I suppose it's up to them.

The arrogance is unbelievable. They don't want to listen. They don't want to learn. All they want to do is order. They don't want to hear that there's a better, or more efficient, or less expensive way. They want their playground. They want their way. They want servants.

I will not be a servant.

This sounds fun!

Leave your name and
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in. ...if you're female.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

All moved in!

So all my stuff, except my computer, is now at my new place.

A couple of friends showed up with vehicles and we got from door to door in 3 1/2 hours, which totally impressed me. I have very useful friends. Whom I now owe dinner.

Everything went relatively smoothly except that silly desk of mine. I have met very few doorways it's had to go through where the door did not have to come off the hinges. Another nice surprise was that my very large dresser actually fit in the van, along with the desk, AND along with the mattress. That is one huge van.

I'm off to Washington tomorrow to pick up my Cuisinart that for some odd reason I couldn't get here in Canada.

She quit.

So she quit.

I don't blame her and am totally not holding a grudge. Her job was way too much for one person to do. Her job was borderline too much for THREE people to do!

Now I deal directly with the owner of the store. I've been working with her for three days and all I can say is, "Holy FUCK! How has anyone lasted more than a week without quitting?" In another employee's words, the owner's a manic tornado. In mine, she's a fucknugget. I've been yelled at for following procedure twice now, just because she doesn't have a fucking clue what procedure is and doesn't care. She won't listen to you when you have an idea or a suggestion. And she refuses to pay any attention whatsoever to the computer. So now everything we do is done twice. Once on paper for her and once in the computer for head office.

Two more shifts for me. A total of ten hours.

Then I'm outta there, I'll be website only. Thank fuck.

To top today off, I headed out to a customer's house to drop off a package. I had so much on my mind I dropped it off at the wrong fucking house. So of course when I figure it out, I go back there, and it's gone. It was just past 11:00 tonight so I couldn't knock on the door, so I'll be going back there AGAIN tomorrow to try and locate it. Fuck.

Oh yes I got an apartment at 15th and Esquimalt - coincidentally, just a few blocks from the very cute girl that works at the store (sadly, I hear that she's taken) - one bedroom, ground level, decent view, plenty of sunshine, great kitchen, large balcony, and only $720 a month.

Me: "Let's switch apartment keys. Just come over here any time you need yours."
Her: "Sounds great. I'll call before I come though."
Me: "Yeah, good idea." [Trying to invoke some humor.] "In case I'm not dressed yet."
Her: [At the same time] "In case you have company."
Her: "Well, those really could be one and the same."

What a day...

I've never wanted to call someone an asshole before. Not to my recollection.

Today, I did. (I wanted to. I didn't actually do it.) The manager of the building I went to see was the meanest, angriest man I'd ever met. And I work in retail. So much that as nice as the apartment was, it wasn't even worth considering.

I was rather upset - moreso about the manager's manner than not getting the apartment. I had some time before work, so I went to look at the ads to see if there was anything new.


As I found out when I got there, it was a two story building. Still, according to the dictionary I looked in just now, it was definitely a genuine penthouse. There was also another room available which was $200 cheaper. It only had one room plus the kitchen (penthouse has a bedroom) but I liked it, and it was half above ground, so the lighting was adequate - at least better than here.

Well, "Sweetie" doesn't even begin to describe the owner of the building. What a nice lady! Our conversation included "Would you PLEASE come live here??" When The Boss heard about that, she goes, "Call her back. Tell her you're taking it. Now." I decided on the smaller one as the penthouse was slightly above my budget. It wasn't near as bright as the penthouse, but adequate, and adequate would have to do.

Wanda (the owner) lets me know that she has to wait to hear from one other person that saw the apartment before me. That's fine. (I knew about that beforehand...she's very honest.) Wanda says she'll wait until 8:00.

The minutes seemed like hours.

7:45 rolls around and I get paged. I don't think I've ever dialed a phone so fast before.

The apartment was taken.


Thinking about it on the way home, I discovered why I didn't want the penthouse at first. A lot of my job involves sourcing products and always spending as much time as possible finding the absolute lowest price. Paying more for things I know I could be paying less for seems like an insult. Then I ask myself if I could afford the extra couple hundred dollars per month. Sure I could. I might do without a few things, but it would definitely be affordable. The "penthouse" would be nice - south facing windows, tons of natural light, decent view, high high ceilings, and an actual bedroom upstairs!

Wanda told me she'd lower the rent by $55 without me even asking.

I took it.

I'm going back there tomorrow to take a good look around and make sure there's nothing drastically wrong like the roof missing or something. If everything's as it should be, yours truly may have an apartment as early as next week.

Very nervous...and very excited...all at the same time!

If the apartment is as good as the description makes it seem, I may quite possibly be signing the lease on my very own place tomorrow. The best parts are, it's pet friendly and it's - count them - 12 blocks from work!

The manager had a call on the other line, so I couldn't ask too many questions. Everybody manifest that:

1) It'll have a kitchen, or nearby water pipes so I can put one in.
2) It'll have windows and adequate natural light.
3) The building will be less than 50 years old and relatively clean. Actually, wait, this is West Van, so forget about that one.
4) It'll be bigger than a closet.
5) Dad will be OK with me moving out. He doesn't know yet.

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Today went pretty well; everything was done in under 3 hours with only minor chaos. This was in spite of the internet connection being absolutely TERRIBLE. We had fifteen laptops that would work for MAYBE 10 minutes, die, then come back on again given the proper care. We had people running the system, people fixing laptops, and people trading laptops between the workers and the technicians every few minutes.

Some day, I'd love to see this system run in ideal conditions. We've got one more grade scheduled for tomorrow. I've put the stuff that takes the longest to download on a server physically at the school which should speed things up considerably. That is the thought.
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I needed the exercise anyway.

I just walked from Broadway and Burrard-ish to 41st and West Boulevard, and the only bus arrived a good ten minutes AFTER I did. Okay, I know it's Sunday, and I know it's late, but still!
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